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BML: Parents and Teachers!

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Braswell Memorial Library is excited to announce we are now offering new and improved teacher, daycare, pre-school and home school services.

We understand the educational needs of a growing child and through these services we wish to provide the materials and assistance needed for that extra touch in the learning process.

Teacher Kits

Teacher kits are available for check out in the youth services area.  These kits are topic specific and contain an activity guide, books, worksheets to copy and use, puzzles and hands-on material.

Examples of our teacher kits themes:

  • Community and Career (Pre-K to K)
  • Five Senses (Pre-K to K)
  • Landforms and mapping (1st to 3rd grade)
  • Solar System (4th to 6th grade)

Visits to the Library

A visit to Braswell Memorial Library may be scheduled for a tour of the library, a library skills workshop or for story time.

School Visits

Members of the Youth Services staff are available for classroom visits and school functions to provide information about Braswell Memorial Library, book talks, and story time.

Please allow for a two week advance notice to schedule any of the above services.

Assignment Alert

To further assist you in the classroom, you may notify the Youth Services staff of an upcoming class lesson, project or assignment.  The staff can pull books and display them for your students’ use during a library visit.  Materials can also be placed on hold for library use only to ensure they are available for your students or materials can be placed on hold at the front desk for teacher checkout for use in the classroom.  We can also prepare a topic pathfinder for you or your students use.

Please allow advance notice of assignments or class projects to ensure that materials are pulled and available for you and your students.  You may contact the youth services department at (252) 442-1951x235 and ask for the school services librarian. Or email her at