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Braswell Memorial Library and the other public libraries of Nash County have partnered with Nash-Rocky Mount Schools to insure that every student enrolled in the Nash Rocky Mount School System automatically has access to public library resources via a Student Access Library Card. This virtual card consists of the student ID number issued by the school. With that number each student has access to the online resources of Braswell Memorial Library via our website and can check out up to ten physical items from the public libraries in Rocky Mount, Nashville, Spring Hope, Middlesex, Bailey, or Whitakers.

 Some resources require a PIN for access. The PIN is the last 4 digits of the student ID number. If the student ID number is less than 10 digits long then add zeros to the end of it to bring it up to ten digits for use as a Student Access Card. The PIN will still be the last four digits without the added zeros.


FAQs about the Student Access Card:

  1. What can be accessed with the card?
    1. Most online resources including our ebooks, emagazines, evideos, and eaudio books can be accessed via our website. The vast array of NCLive resources will be available in September.  In the libraries you can check out books, videos, books, of CD, and most anything else that we loan. You can also use the computers in the libraries.
  1. What’s the difference between the Student Access Card and the regular library card? Can my child have both?
    1. Yes! A student can have both cards! A Student Access Card is limited to ten physical items checked out at a time and certain items can’t be checked out with it. While the regular library card has no such limitations. Both types of cards have access to online resources.

  2. Are there overdue fines associated with the Student Access Card?
    1. Braswell Library nor its branches charge overdue fines on any materials checked out with the Student Access Card. Neither Braswell nor its branches charge overdue fines on ANY children’s materials checked out on Student Access Cards or regular library cards. The H.D. Cooley Library does charge fines on its materials.  All the libraries charge for materials that are checked out and not returned (lost items).

  3. Can I use my child’s Student Access Card?
    1. No, sorry. The Student Access Card is only for students. However, anyone can get a free regular library card. Just apply in person at your nearest public library . If you are a teacher you can get a special Teacher’s Account at any of the public libraries in Nash County.

  4. What if I don’t want my child to have a Student Access Card?
    1. Why wouldn’t you? It’s free, can help your child succeed in school, and requires no effort on your part. However if you want to opt out just let your child’s school know.  You can also have any public library in Nash County delete your child’s account but you still have to tell the school to have the child permanently removed from the program.

  5. Since it isn’t a physical card how does my child use it in the library?
    1. The child just has to give their Student ID number to a staff member to check out books or use computers. In Braswell Library they can also type the number into the self-check kiosks and use their PIN. If they forgot their number staff are happy to look it up for them. No physical card needed! No physical card to lose!

  6. My child goes to a private school, can they get a Student Access Card?
    1. Yes! Our goal is to give every child in Nash County and Rocky Mount the access they need. If your child goes to a private school in Nash County or in Rocky Mount check with the school to see if they have partnered with Braswell Library. If they haven’t ask them to contact Braswell Library and set up a partnership. We want to work with all local schools.

  7. What about those of us who live outside Rocky Mount or Nash County?
    1. Unfortunately you can’t get a Student Access Card but anyone who lives in NC can get a free regular library card at Braswell Library or its branches. Just apply in person. Click here for more details on getting a regular library card .

Have more questions? Call or visit Braswell Memorial Library and get your answers. You can also ask questions via our website’s “Ask"” feature at the right side of this page.